8th Grade Honors Courses

Honors English, Social Studies, Science

For honors classes in English, Social Studies, and/or Science, it is recommended for students to achieve an A- average* in seventh grade for each eighth grade honors course they would like to pursue. This recommendation is based on the understanding that honors level classes are designed for high achieving students who are motivated to pursue a very rigorous course of study. It is also recommended that students carefully consider the increased level of workload if they are considering multiple honors courses during eighth grade. Tentative course assignments for eighth grade will be mailed home to parents during May.

Please note, students who do not enroll in honors level courses in English, Social Studies, and/or Science in 8th grade will have the opportunity to do so again in 9th grade.

Grade 8 Algebra

Students currently taking Math 7A (accelerated) will automatically move into Algebra in 8th grade pending successful completion of the course. Students currently enrolled in Math 7 and looking to accelerate into Algebra for 8th grade should have a minimum A- average* and take a 2-week summer preparation course (June 26 – July 7). The summer program is required if students wish to join this accelerated program, in progress.

Students will also have the option of completing the Math 8 course during 8th grade and taking Algebra during the summer before 9th grade (pending minimum enrollment). The summer Algebra course will begin on June 26 and will conclude with the Common Core Algebra Regents exam in August (Monday - Thursday). Students who successfully pass the course and Regents exam will be eligible to take Geometry in 9th grade. For more information about the various math opportunities, please contact our Director of Math and Science, Dr. Thomas Callahan at tcallahan@pelhamschools.org or (914) 738-8190 x1267.

* If a student is interested in taking an eighth grade honors course in English, Social Studies, Science and/or Math (Algebra) and did not achieve an A- average in his/her seventh grade course(s), he/she (or parent) should consult with his/her guidance counselor to determine the most appropriate course schedule. 

If you have any questions about honors classes, accelerated math or the 8th grade program, please contact your child’s counselor.